Young Talent

Earlier in 2012 young Belgian Harry Van Durme came to Western Australia to work as an intern at Tineke Creations. As a marketing and communications student, Harry helped with the book marketing campaign for 'Cafe d'Afrique'. In his thesis, he investigated the concept of conscious business as described by Cath Sutherland, and how this works for Tineke Creations.

Rei Minohara-Starke, a recent and award winning graduate from Central TAFE, was an emerging artist at Tineke Creations earlier this year (2012).

Contact us if you are a student interested in work experience, and if you believe your skills will suit with what we do and how we work at Tineke Creations.

Photo (Click for enlargement)

Intern Harry Van Durme with Tineke and Toto Rei Minohara-Starke