High Energy

Tineke Creations is a conscious business. We connect people in the community through creativity. This happens at workshops, open studios, events. We also support and empower community organisations. Our publications tell stories of community, place and belonging from around the globe, in different languages. We celebrate difference. Our jewellery is made with the highest respect for place and environment. We usually handpick gemstones and natural materials and purchase from source. Being consistent with these principles of is the secret to our high business energy.

"Everything Tineke does is an expression of her heightened consciousness of our natural world and our human experience of it. This awareness sees Tineke Creations operate with sensitivity, generosity, creativity and a pure intent to make a positive difference. I look forward to continuing to celebrate the inspiring evolution of this conscious business."

Cath Sutherland – Director of Conscious Business and author of Creating Brand Energy.

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Harry Van Durme and Cath Sutherland