Knitting, Crochet and other Wire techniques

There is something meditative about working with thread, and so it is when working in metal wire. These designs have been created using recycled copper wire, fine silver wire, copper and gold wire. They use a variety of wire techniques, from knitting to crochet to coiling.

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Pebbles necklace Rock Pool Vessel II

African Gems

The African continent has a wealth of natural resouces. We seek to source materials from source. Most of our gemstones have been selected by us from suppliers in Zambia and in Madagascar. Check out our hand made jewellery with green and pink tourmalines, quartz ice cubes, sapphires and rubies.

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Indian Ocean Pearls

The West coast of the Australian continent is called the Sunset Coast, home to coral reefs, sunsets and delicious pearls.

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Gold Eucalypt with Baroque South Sea Pearl Sargassum seaweed necklace Tahitian pearl in gold gumnut setting Mabe ring

Australian Flora

Western Australia is home to precious biodiversity, hot spots and breath taking wild flowers. Part of the rich natural heritage lies in eucalypts, melaleucas and hakeas, all of which shed gumnuts in different shapes and sizes.

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