The Story

Tineke Van der Eecken is a Belgian-born Fremantle-based jewellery designer-maker. She works mostly in silver, recreating rhythms, textures and form that remind of a special piece of nature: from the wild flowers in Western Australia, to the special rocks and stones found in Africa, and the gentle curve and lush green of fields in Flanders.

Her journey into jewellery started with a handful of gemstones, a gift from a friend in Zambia. When she arrived in Australia in 2001, Tineke worked with a traditional Balinese silversmith to create her first collection, sold in the exhibition Red Earth in Sinaai, Belgium. She then went to TAFE and learned the techniques of silver smithing and jewellery design, which she combines with textile techniques such as knitting and crochet, applied to metal.

While most of her work is in silver Tineke also works in gold. In her creations she weaves precious and semi-precious materials together with delicate found objects; each piece brings a new story, a sense of place.

Tineke has exhibited in Belgium, the UK, Western Australia and in Zambia. Her work has been highly commended in Melville small sculpture awards, Memento Awards, and she is an award winner at the York Art and Craft awards for Works in Fine Metal.

Photography by Yves Mora

"These pieces are as original and expressive as any painting. They certainly do not follow any formulae or pre-established directions. They are 'wearable art' at its best, making fashion statements wherever and whenever they are seen." Jan Altman