Sixes and Sevens Exhibition

An eclectic exhibition featuring artists Beba Hall, Tineke Van der Eecken, Louise Carré, Julie Jackman, Rosalind Mitchell, John Mitchel and Jina Lee

Opening Sunday 8th December, 3-6pm
at “The Round Room”, Memorial Hall, 435 Carrington St, Hamilton Hill (Cnr Rockingham Rd)

Open Monday 9th –Saturday 14th December, 3-6pm
Sunday 15th , 11am - 4pm

Date: 31/12/2013 Venue: Memorial Hall, Carrington St, Hamilton Hill, Western Australia Booking: not required Cost: free Read more
Publish and market your own book

Are you thinking of self-publishing? In this time of turmoil and reduced risk-taking in the book industry, self-publishing has become unavoidable for both budding and professional writers. Tineke Van der Eecken will take you through the pros and cons and shares her own experience of publishing her book Cafe d'Afrique: A Personal Discovery ' and tips about how to go about this in a smart way. 'But you cannot publish a book without marketing it,' she will say, referring to the authorpreneurship which is expected from writers these days. How do you begin to find your market, organise publicity and sell your book? This workshop, offered initially through FAWWA helps you find own way into publishing, with plenty of practical tips and helpful links and suggestions. Contact us if you'd like to know about future workshops, or if you are interested in individual or group coaching.

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FAWWA Fellowship for Poetry Book

TIneke is working on a first book of poetry under the guidance of poet and mentor Shane McCauley, after winning a fellowship with the Federation of Authors of Western Australia (FAWWA).

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