Writing with horses

Writing With Horses combines being with horses and creative writing. The horses’ energy and playfulness will stimulate your creativity. Reconnect to the natural world by spending time with the horses with facilitator Chris Scott. Let writer Tineke Van Der Eecken take you through the skills to write creatively and turn visual and emotional imagery into good writing. Take time to retire to a chair by the fireplace or a sheltered rock overlooking the river, and write.

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Of fractured lives and devils in details

It's the second year in a row I have been asked to chair sessions at the Perth Writers Festival. The festival organisers like the fact that my background covers many subject areas, from crime to travel, memoir to poetry but I am not sure how aware they are that what I most treasure are stories of relationships, and how 'ordinary' people's characters can be shaped by youth trauma and mental health issues, and how writers wrestle to work these experiences into literature, one hiding more than the other.

Date: 05/02/2013 Venue: Perth Writers Festival 2013 at UWA, Nedlands Booking: not needed Cost: free Read more
Talks for Service Clubs

Tineke will be offering a series of talks and presentations in 2013. The year started with the Sable Connections Luncheon on 16 January. On 18 February at 10am Tineke will be speaking at the North Suburban Branch of Save the Children in North Beach, WA.

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