'Traverse' shortlisted for 2016 TAG Hungerford Awards (02/10/2016)

From the Judges's Report:

Traverse Tineke Van der Eecken
Traverse is a travel memoir written from the point of view of Tina, who has given up her career for her geologist husband, Dirk. She now must work to keep the family unit together as Dirk takes his wife and children to live in the village of Cotgrave, UK, then leaves them for long working stints in Madagascar. There, off the east coast of Southern Africa, Dirk’s fascination with and passion for the island is matched by his growing passion for his colleague Fara.

The story is laid out for the reader as Tina reviews her notebooks from those difficult, lonely days and pieces together the disintegration of her marriage, including her last-ditch attempt to save it by taking an often hair-raising trek through Madagascar with her husband. This is a sensitively balanced piece of travel writing and personal memoir, evocative in terms of the place it depicts and the emotional tension between various characters’, not least in the scenes in which Tina and Fara meet.