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Cafe d'Afrique read by Jewish Women's group

I have just finished reading your remarkable book. What a vivid picture you paint of your immersion in life in Zambia - the struggle, the enthusiasm, the awakening, the pain and the achievement of your maturing in those precious years. How have you ever found time to marry and have a family as well?
The women in my group in NCJW gained a great deal from your visit to us, and as an avid reader, I have enjoyed and can heartily recommend your book.
Many thanks,
Jenny Shub

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Sotto Magazine: Review Poetry d'Amour 2013

"Tineke Van der Eecken puts her multi-lingual skills to good use in Val di Mello (The Valley of Honey).Honey forms the main conceit in this poem. The speaker is drawn to the lover like a honeybee. At first they are held together as if by the richness and the ‘stickiness’ of the honey, but she knows even at the time they are holding on to ‘something already gone’. Tineke’s reading of this poem, accompanied by music, really brought to life the joy and the loss of this narrative. The richness of the language added another dimension to the richness of the experience of love, and to the honey."

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