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Cafe d'Afrique read by Jewish Women's group

I have just finished reading your remarkable book. What a vivid picture you paint of your immersion in life in Zambia - the struggle, the enthusiasm, the awakening, the pain and the achievement of your maturing in those precious years. How have you ever found time to marry and have a family as well?
The women in my group in NCJW gained a great deal from your visit to us, and as an avid reader, I have enjoyed and can heartily recommend your book.
Many thanks,
Jenny Shub

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I love the honesty in Cafe d'Afrique - Fran Graham

I love the honesty with which Tineke Van der Eecken has written her book, Café d’Afrique. I was surprised by how openly and deeply Tineke shared her thoughts and feelings about everything. Emotionally it was a ‘no holds barred’ book. This is the sort of reading I long for and it left me feeling that I knew Tineke intimately. I was so involved in the story of Tineke’s years in Africa I was reluctant to finish the book and when I did, I just wanted to hug it.

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Café d'Afrique: One of the best love stories I have ever been told - Karen Louise Murphy

When I first received my review copy of Tineke Van Der Eecken’s revised edition of Cafe D'Afrique, I was only one chapter in and found myself already completely in love with the rawness and honesty that she writes with. I felt myself growing with Van Der Eecken as she progressed through the story and exposed an innate human vulnerability through her love affair with Africa. She represents the culture of the country without any embellishments, showing the reader that despite the surrounding social and political disorder, Africa has this flawed beauty that makes me feel so intimately connected to Van Der Eecken and the experiences that help shape her disposition.

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