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Review of 'Rock Pool Rhythms' by Jan Altman

There was a time when it was thought that objects made from materials such as fabrics, clay, metal, wood or stone were to be described as craft and that objects made with paint and canvas were entitled to be described as art. There was also an attitude that objects from the former category must comply with particular rules and traditions or they would be seen as not maintaining faith with their own kind. These attitudes were based on a general assumption that craft production followed formulae and directions in order to achieve predictable outcomes. There was creativity, but little room for innovation or variation. Works of art, on the other hand, transcended their materials and techniques to create original expressions in meaningful and enduring ways. Of course crafts could transcend their humble materials and established techniques to become art but it took an experienced and determined effort to bring this about. When this did happen the results were, and still are, inspiring, even magical. It created the type of magic that happens when a humble lamp-maker becomes Louis Comfort Tiffany or a simple jeweler turns into Rene Lalique or Carl Fabergé.

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Review of 'Pink' by Jan Altman

"In Modernist times fashion generally turned away from any kind of excess or even ornamentation. It followed the aesthetic thinking of the times into the philosophy that ‘form follows function’. This gave rise to the slim, streamlined figure of the 1920’s, and the classical designs of Coco Chanel. Jewellery was important but mainly as an accessary, along with handbags and shoes.

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Review on Modeshow, Monart Studio and Gallery, by Shirley Clancy

"This was Belgian-born, and Perth-based Tineke's first solo exhibition in Australia of her jewellery and handbags.
Using the unusual method of professional models on a catwalk with background projectuions of Tineke's pieces
interspersed with scenes of landscape, birds and animals from Australia and Africa and set to a great sound track
of Australian, Belgian and African music, the jewellery, handbags and belts were displayed to an engrossed mixed audience."

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