Review of 'Pink' by Jan Altman (02/05/2010)

"In Modernist times fashion generally turned away from any kind of excess or even ornamentation. It followed the aesthetic thinking of the times into the philosophy that ‘form follows function’. This gave rise to the slim, streamlined figure of the 1920’s, and the classical designs of Coco Chanel. Jewellery was important but mainly as an accessary, along with handbags and shoes.

In these Postmodernist times there has been a return to the idea of accessories as ornamentation, and as aesthetic creations in their own right. There is almost a feeling that one cannot over-accessorise, that different styles and different materials can be brought together in whatever way seems interesting, imaginative or creative. One way of describing this movement in fashion is through the concept of ‘bricolage’- the bringing together of bits and pieces (bric a brac) from wherever and whenever seems appropriate to create the desired effect. Thus, Tineke has used unusual combinations of precious metals (mainly silver) and fabrics.

This sort of approach (one writer calls it ‘pick n mix’) must present artists and designers with great freedom but also real challenges. The way that these challenges are met in this work is through the quality of the designs and the technical skill with which they are carried out. The objects produced are not just pieces of jewellery; they are ‘wearable art’ works. Because of this, they may be part of the current trend or fashion of eclecticism, but they will be making fashion statements for a very long time to come."