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Earrings ti-tree seeds

Silver earrings from the casts of ti-tree seeds. The earrings are 6cm long.

price: AUD 125 ref: E259

Eucalyptus seed earrings with amethyst

Silver earrings from the casts of eucalyptus seed with amethyst. The earrings are 6.5 cm long.

price: AUD 110 ref: E260

Eucalyptus ear-bells

Silver earrings made from West Australian Eucalyptus Marginata seeds.

price: AUD 125 ref: E238

Young eucalyptus seed earring

Long earrings in silver with organic casts of young, closed seeds of West Australian Eucalyptus.

price: AUD 70 ref: E231-E232

Long eucalyptus seed earrings

Long eucalypt seed earrings in silver.

price: AUD 80 ref: E222-E226

Icecube earrings

Icecube earrings from Madagascan quartz crystal. Matching pendants and rings available.

price: AUD 120 ref: E205-E219

Gold eucalypt earrings

Long earrings in 9 carat gold made with organic casts of eucalypt seeds from Western Australia. Length 6cm

price: AUD 495 ref: E175

Silver Gumnut Earstuds

Earstuds from cast West Australian eucalypt seeds in Stirling silver. Matching ring (Gumnut Ring with Opal) and necklace (Gumnut Duo with Opal) available.

price: AUD 60.00 ref: E006


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