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Small sunset with Carnelian

West Australian sunset carved in Carnelian. Available in all sizes

price: AUD 125 ref: R019

Medium zebra stone ring

Medium size rectangular Kimberley zebra stone ring in silver. Available in size T, the stone measures 2.3 x 1.5cm. Matching necklaces, brooches and earrings also available.

price: AUD 160 ref: R179

Labradorite ring

Silver ring with chunky labradorite. Size P

price: AUD 120 ref: R167

Ring Liberian Gold Stone

Gold stone set in silver. The stone contains real gold nuggets! Size V. Matching necklace is also available (Liberian Gold Stone Pendant)

price: AUD 225 ref: R097

Small Sunset Ring with Garnet

West Australian sunset carved in silver with Garnet. Available in size J other sizes can be made to order

price: AUD 110 ref: R020

Two finger ring in silver and gold

A two-finger silver ring with gold plated cast of seedpod. 

price: AUD 200 ref: R158

Silver bark ring

Silver ring with bark pattern. Available in all sizes.

price: AUD 150 ref: R151

Gold ring with eucalyptus and opal

Solid carved 18 ct gold ring with eucalyptus seedpod and solid opal. Available in size N.

price: AUD 1500 ref: R124

Gold ring with garnet

18 Ct gold ring with seedpod and garnet. Available in size P. 

price: AUD 1080 ref: R121

Exquisite ring with rubellite tourmaline on gold

Zambian pink 'Rubellite' tourmaline in silver and 18 Kt gold ring. Collector's item! Available in size P. 

price: AUD 1750 ref: R117

Gumnut ring with opal

Silver ring made with the pods of eucalypt treas, combined with an Australian opal

price: AUD 150 ref: R012


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