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Long eucalyptus seed earrings

Long eucalypt seed earrings in silver.

price: AUD 80 ref: E222-E226

Icecube earrings

Icecube earrings from Madagascan quartz crystal. Matching pendants and rings available.

price: AUD 120 ref: E205-E219

Gold eucalypt earrings

Long earrings in 9 carat gold made with organic casts of eucalypt seeds from Western Australia. Length 6cm

price: AUD 495 ref: E175

Zebra stone pendant in silver

Triangular zebra stone from WA Kimberley region in a silver 5X2cm pendant. Matching earrings also available.

price: AUD 110 ref: N257

Zebra stone brooch

Silver brooch with zebra stone from Kimberley, 3.5X1cm. Matching rings, earrings and necklaces also available.

price: AUD 120 ref: B003

Brooch with narrow zebra stone

Silver brooch with narrow Kimberley zebra stone. Matching rings, earrings and necklaces also available.

price: AUD 100 ref: B004

Silver bracelet with quartz

Solid silver bracelet with large bolide quartz. 

price: AUD 370 ref: B022

Charm necklace

Charm necklace with australian seeds and quartz icecube.

price: AUD 195 ref: N306

Gold pendant with pearl and garnet

18 ct gold Eucalypt seedpod pendant on chain with Abrohlos Islands pearl and faceted red garnet.

price: AUD 750 ref: N285

Real goldstone pendant

Necklace with Liberain goldstone (10 grams) set in silver. Contains real gold!

price: AUD 220 ref: N269

Blue tourmaline pendant

Blue tourmaline from Madagascar with casts from bark and Australian eucalypt pods.

price: AUD 400 ref: N264

Quartz pendant on choker

Zambian quartz pendant on choker. Chain is 45cm long and pendant is 4cm.

price: AUD 180 ref: N221
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