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Green tourmaline and Bark

Pendant made out of green tourmaline and the cast of bark. Pendant is 3cm long and 2cm in width.

price: AUD 360 ref: N255

Gumnut duo with garnet

Duo of silver castings of Australian gumnuts with a garnet.

price: AUD 250 ref: N236

Watermelon tourmaline pendant

A beautiful watermelon tourmaline from Madagascar in an 18ct gold Palisander bark pendant. The pendant is 3cm long and 1,4cm in width (please note: chain not included but can be bought seperate, please contact for more details)

price: AUD 1265 ref: N204

Devil's cube in gold

Devil's cube mineral from North West Australia in woven gold wire, on a 65 cm necklace with 18 Ct gold finishes.

price: AUD 250 ref: N125

Jasper and silver twig

Neckpiece made of cylindrical jasper stones with an organic cast of a twig in silver, and silver clasp.

price: AUD 195 ref: N123

Two finger ring

A two-finger silver ring with gold plated cast of seedpod. 

price: AUD 200 ref: R158

Silver bark ring

Silver ring with bark pattern. Available in all sizes.

price: AUD 150 ref: R151

White Abrolhos Mabe pearl ring

Ring with Mabe pearl from the Broome (Australia) with the cast of a seedpod from the Australian eucaluptus marginata. Different sizes available

price: AUD 350 ref: R146-147

Silver ring with zebra stone

Silver ring with zebra stone from the Australian Kimberley- region. One size fits all. Matching earrings, necklaces and brooches also available.

price: AUD 170 ref: R141

Silver ring with dark oval opal

Silver ring with oval shaped Australian black opal. Available in size O

price: AUD 260 ref: R140

Silver ring wit kyanite

Silver ring with blue kyanite. Kyanite is derived from the Greek for "deep blue". Sizes J and L available. 

price: AUD 145 ref: R138

Abrolhos Mabe Pearl ring

A beautiful Mabe pearl from the Abrolhos Islands in organic setting. Available in size L

price: AUD 495 ref: R126
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