‘Traverse' is based on a true story of a challenging time in my marriage. My husband fell in love with another woman during his field work in Madagascar. I joined him on his last field trip, officially to document his unusual expedition through the rugged Northern Madagascar. My real motivation, however, was to meet this woman and find out if our family, with 2 children, could survive the crisis.

Focussed on the relationship, I underestimated the challenge of hiking for 350 km. I was the only woman among 40 men, geologists, cooks, samplers and porters. Reflecting back on the trip, it was precisely this journey that made me distinguish my own purpose and resilience independent from this marriage, and traverse to a new future in Australia. 

Traverse presents the reader with a fascinating landscape on two levels: the psychological landscape of a marriage under enormous, almost insurmountable pressure; and the physical landscape of a country that is as threatening and difficult as it is exquisitely beautiful.

Amanda Curtin