New book, new look

Tineke is shortlisted for the prestigious 2016 TAG Hungerford Award. Her book 'Traverse' and four other manuscripts were selected from the submissions to Fremantle Press for the biannual award.

The winner will be announced by Mayor Brad Pettitt at the 40th Anniversary of Fremantle Press on 2 November 2016.

'Tineke Creations' presents creative work by Tineke Van der Eecken, a Belgian-born Perth-based jewellery designer-maker and writer. There is an online shop for jewellery and books. You can follow Tineke on Facebook too. 

Portrait by Zilia Creative

Upcoming Events

Christmas Open Studio (19/11/2016)

Saturday 26 November 2016  3-5pm

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Manuscript finished, now what? (04/09/2016)

Now that you’ve almost finished writing, come and talk self-editing, professional editors, approaches to publishers and marketing your work.  Tineke will help you prepare your manuscript to be considered for publication and get you ready to self-publish.  This is a hands-on course in a small group, and offers ways to bring your work to a new level, ready for the next step.

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New outlet in Fremantle (04/09/2016)

Tineke now has a permanent sales point in Fremantle, Western Australia.

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Tineke - A poet with stone, an artist with words, a storyteller with style. A true Renaissance lady!

Andrew Burke